There are a few ways to be an affiliate for Horizon. If you would like to be an affiliate via Gumroad and receive a 30% commission for each sale, please contact us before signing up.

Please provide an url to where you will be marketing our themes.


It’s quite easy to sign up for Gumroad, especially if you already have an account. Just create a free account. Click “no thanks” to the upgrade option and ignore the profile form. Once you have an account, let me know and I’ll set you up. You’ll then receive a link. You don’t have to put any bank details in to begin with until you receive commission and want to pay it out.

The commission is 30% of each sale.

We without the right to cancel affiliation. We wont do this without good cause however, but essentially, don’t be spammy.


Here is the Creative Market info page,

Mojo Marketplace

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