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HackPress: When Cutting Corners Leaves You Bankrupt

A mini rant on how using WordPress in hacky why leads to big problems.

Horizon is getting revamped

Being the Horizon up to date with our core values on quality over quantity.

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Should themes be advertising that it includes hundreds of fonts?

How to Deploy a CDN on Your Zorbix Theme (and why you should)

A guest post by Robbie on why you should use a CDN.

Why WordPress Professionals Use a Staging Server

This is a big pet peeve of mine. Please folks, start using a staging server.

5 top reasons your wordpress website is slow

These are the top reasons I see for slow WordPress sites.

best wordpress cache plugin 2016

My opinion on what the best WordPress speed optimisation plugin is.

Perfectly centering aligning font awesome

Tips on centre aligning font awesome icons